Beijing Overshoot (Limited Edition 500+ signed C Print)Nominate Best Potobook Photo Espana & Nominate Best design German Award Design


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A limited edition of 500 copies with a signed c print.
Beijing Overshoot

Beijing Overshoot by Claudia Jaguaribe is the result of a residency in Beijing in partnership with the Rosewood Hotel organized by Ed Bessard. In this residency Claudia had the opportunity to work with Chinese people and to enter into the heart of Chinese society and participate and present her work in conferences in the Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing.

Beijing Overshoot can be described as a magical, poetical personal perspective on issues relevant to contemporary China such as past and present overlapping, the artificial and the natural coexisting in a very particular way, the extreme pollution and daily life in Beijing. The book is conceived in color chapters where images printed on tracing paper overlap other images creating new images in a extremely original design.

limited edition of 500 copies with a signed c print by the artist numbered from 001 to 500 by hand,

30 copies in a box with 2 original prints

“ Beijing Overshoot is about the images, perceptions, and feelings I had in China that were and continue to be recurrent long after my trips ended in 2015 and 2016. I felt that China and in Beijing in particular condensed and amplified some important and pressing issues for me.

Many things seemed to be bordering the limit of their possibility. Such a constant transformation brought multiple changes in lifestyle. Pollution can be intense and it can profoundly affect everyday life and increase the complexity of living in a megacity. Nature becomes less and less present as ethereal technological imagery projected on huge screens is increasingly used.

Day and night are no longer easily distinguishable because pollution creates a veil that envelops the city and the intensity of artificial lights of differing origins and shapes brighten the night. The monumentality of the city and the constant change of the cityscape physically constrain and contain the hutongs and at the same time enhance their value.

This is the Beijing I experienced.” Claudia Jaguaribe

Claudia Jaguaribe

Having studied art history, art, and photography, Claudia’s work centers on multi-faceted practices and the diversity of contemporary photography. Her production is characterized by an intense artistic research that utilizes different media forms, such as photography, video, the Internet, and installations. In photography, she works with a variety of formats and production methods, from studio photography to documentary images that are later worked upon, in a study of the materiality of the image that questions the very nature of photography. In 2013, Claudia cofounded the photography-centered publishing house Editora Madalena,

She has 13 books published and her work is in several museum collections in Brazil and abroad such as MEP/ Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum/ London, MAM/SP, MAP/SP, Inhotim/MG as well as in private collections.

Pierre Bessard, publisher

In 2011 Bessard launched his own eponymous independent-publishing house based in Paris. He only works with ground-breaking artists, writers and curators, and supports challenging projects in book form by creating graphically unconventional artists limited editions. More than a simple publisher, Bessard is a “fire-horse in constant motion” – as he describes himself – with a colourful personality. Qualities that enabled him to have established his publishing house as one of the leading in the field today.

Bessard Editions’ goal is to slide the world of photography into different prisms: novelty and originality, passion and excellence.

This publishing house intends to rethink the book format, to assert a savoir-faire, and to explore all facets of creativity, including design, art, typography, graphic design, bookbinding, and so forth.

Éditions Bessard ,12 rue de rivoli 75004 Paris, France

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