History Of Monuments Bronze Cover (Artist Edition)

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History Of Monuments:
« Since August 2009, I started to work with two hundred models over fifteen days, shooting the 42-metre-long History of Monuments. This work is my reflection on what is told about civilisations, beauties, virtues, standards and norms The models are smeared with mud and placed into the carved out contours of the photo backdrop. Chinese traditions are handed down from generation to generation with many documents on the historical figures, poetries, literature, dramas, etc. Often the powerful people like to summarize their achievements during their reign times. So each dynasty has its interpretations of its dynasty and the former dynasties. It is undeniable that many such versions are misguided. » Wang Qingsong

It has been a very challenging project to make the 130 foot long photo into a book. The artist himself was involved in each and every step, from start to the ‘ok to print’..
The result a handmade book opening to a 27,56 feet long accordion page. One can discover the timeline of famous monuments by totally unfolding the story, or flipping pages almost like in a normal book. The back pages present the artist’s blueprint as he was preparing the sculptural parade in his Caoching studio.

We have made two collections to cast this incredible work:

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