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Two years ago I was contacted by Pierre at Editions Bessard, who asked if I wanted to make a book of collages.

I couldn’t have been more excited. 

I’ve been making collages since I was three years old.

When I was a kid it was mainly pictures of animals cut out of magazines, glued to colourful pieces of paper. 

Somehow they always ended up stapled together in a book format.

I’ve always loved making books – scrap books, sticker books, photographic books, zines, and now 

‘Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid’ – a cauldron of these elements mixed into one deluxe permanent pop home.

This is the first published book to feature my collages, and also contains stickers scanned from my own collection, which I hope people will use to customise their copies. 

The collages star several amazing girls, some you might recognise from my self published books (Arvida, Sara, Alice, Viktoria & Monika) frolicking in and amongst flowers, amusement parks, outerspace, horses, candy bags, stamps, stickers and tape. All the things that make me happy.

Hope they make you happy too.

Valerie x

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Stephane Duroy Slow Motion:

A soixante-quatorze ans, Stéphane Duroy publie aux Editions Bessard (Paris), Slow Motion, l’un de ses meilleurs livres.Ce n’est pas une monographie léchée, ou un ouvrage de plusieurs kilos destiné à écraser tous les autres, non, c’est un fanzine tiré à un petit nombre d’exemplaires que les plus chanceux se procurerontImprimé en riso, technique privilégiant l’accident et la sensation tactile plutôt que les impeccables reproductions proches de l’asepsie, Slow Motion est, en trente images, le condensé d’une vie de photographe allant désormais de plus en plus vers la peinture. Stephane DUROY : Slow Motion photoBook : Soft-Binding – 210 x 297 mm – 36 pages Limited Edition of 300 copiesBook Designer : Stephane Duroy/Thibault Geffroy Country : France Language : French Editions Bessard – 2021ISBN : 978-2-4910520-3-

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En Presence de l’Absence Jean-marc CAIMI Valentina PICCINNI

#happypublisher#editionsbessard Our work in Normandy, created during the residence photo4food – Planches Contact, follows the idea of a personal, almost literary narrative, made up of images which, even though they have a life of their own, are the episode-points of an uninterrupted line that defines an organic and emotional project. It is the alternation of action and reaction, the mutual influence between our vision and that powerfully imprinted by the territory of Normandy. The interweaving of human life in its present and past history, punctuated by that of nature, plants, animals, the sea and the tides, creates indissoluble worlds, which influence each other, come together and recede in an uninterrupted chain of existences. These are the elements that form the framework, the scenario on which the stories in our images unfold. Nature also as “state of things” or atmosphere, which is exactly captured in its archetypal Greek definition: “atmós – sphere” the intangible envelope that surrounds the cosmos and microcosms, from planets to the walls of a house, making them human. The coexistence of the elements of this gravitational system can be found in the empty and unfinished spaces and in the intimacy of the places and subjects photographed. Presence and absence overlap and their interplay transports us. In the presence of an inimitable light of oceanic spaces, as well as in its absence, in the night or in the mists of the countryside. In the mass of low grey clouds or in the pristine immensity of a crystal clear sky. Suspended and mutable atmospheres, capable of creating an enigmatic world that asks questions without giving certain answers, renewing the tension of the unknown.

“Jean-marc CAIMI Valentina PICCINNI : En Presence de l’Absence
Book : Hard-Binding – 145 x 210 mm – 114 pages
Limited Edition of 500 copies

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Imperial Collection

#happypublisherStart your collection! (20 numbers 20 #brazilianphotographers) The Imperiale Collection, #LimitedEdition 250 copies + #signed C Print + (180 x 130 mm) @betinasamaia :#Amazon, The Green’s End
#ImpérialeCollection n°6: Soft-Binding – 260 x 170 mm – 36 pages
#LimitedEdition of 250 copies + #signed C-Print (180 x 130 mm)
#Book#Designer : @thibaultgeffroy