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Robin Hammond with the final design of “My Lagos” – a photo book incorporating polaroid portraits, interviews with subjects, and reportage images – to come soon!

Special Senior Apostle Eze Michael Emenike, 41. Business owner and Pastor at Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim & Seraphim Holy Trinity. From Anambra State. Been in Lagos for 13 years.

I came for greener pastures. I did my schooling in the east, my first degree, Business Administration. So, I came to Lagos to work with banks, I now set-up a finance house in 2007, where am the Managing Director now.

I received the call of God in the year 2006, I started pasturing this house of Prayer and its been massive, this House of Prayer.

We do everything to please God, but if it pleases God we can relocate. I see a bright future for me in Lagos.


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