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KASSEL IN BEIJING WITH ÉDITIONS BESSARD: Making the Photobook In cooperation with our festival partner Editions Bessard, Paris, we invited South African photographer Guy Tillim to continue his long-term city project work with a current portrait of Beijing (My ARTISTIC residence in Beijing) . Guy Tillim will begin his work in Beijing from mid-May 2016 and will finally realize the book in China with Pierre Bessard and the book designer SYB from Amsterdam. The work and book will then be presented on Saturday 11 June at the opening of the Fotobookfestival Kassel/Beijing.

Designing the Photobook
Sybren Kuiper (SYB) is one of the most important photobook designers today. He has designed outstanding books for Cuny Janssen, Viviane Sassen, Bertien van Manen, Carolyn Drake, Florian van Roekel, Rob Hornstra, Valerio Spada, Enrique Metinides, Niels Stomps, Laura El-Tantawi and many more. SYB will design the Beijing-book by Guy Tillim and will give a book design workshop and an overview of his work on the festival weekend.
The secong book design highlight will be the designing of another Beijing book from Editions Bessard with photographs by Pieter Hugo, (firt artist invited at my artistic residence with the Rosewood Hotel) taken in 2014. Ramon Pez, the art director and designer from Spain will design Pieter Hugos book on-site. Ramon Pez designed award winning book highlights like The Afronauts by Christina de Middel, The Epilogue by Laia Abril and Ponte City by Mikhael Subotzky & Patrick Waterhouse. Beside the on-site book design of Pieter Hugos book, he will give a presentation about his work and a photobook design workshop.

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