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Kassel in Beijing + Éditions Bessard Well done! Hiroshi Okamoto for the 2nd prize and Lijie Zhang for the 3rd prize of Dummy Award Kassel 2016. I have the greatest admiration for Mathieu Asselin’s Monsanto, a photographic investigation for the 1st prize.


Mathieu Asselin »Monsanto, a photographic investigation«

Chosen unanimously by the jury, Monsanto offers an amazing photographic inside into the past and present of the chemicals and plastic factory. The book combines archival materials from the company with a range of portraits and landscapes directly affected by the environmental consequences of industrial production. The relevance of the topic is brought in a perfect package of photography, design and text. A rational form of protest book, a true winner.

Ruben Lundgren / Jury report

Hiroshi Okamoto »Recruit«

In Recruit we follow the job hunting experience of Yo Toshoni, one of the 500.000 students graduation in Japan every year. The photographs are cleverly enriched with tipped in text messages, emails and advertisement materials. Thank you for your application, you got the offer!

Ruben Lundgren / Jury report


Zhang Lijie »Midnight Tweedle«

Zhang gives a portrait of Chinese contemporary society linked to her own past. She combines her documentary work with old images from her personal photo albums and images found on the web. The playful design makes the book a real page-turner.

Ruben Lundgren / Jury report

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