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Hi Gang it’s remain 11 …

Hi Gang it’s remain 11 COPIES  after it’s SOLD OUT:   TREPAT by Joan
Fontcuberta 2 Noninations Kassel Photobook Award 2014 – One of your
books has been nominated
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that one of your books has been nominated as one of the best photobooks 2014.
For the Kassel Best Photobook Award 2014, eminent experts have been
invited to nominate one book which they personally consider to be the
best, most beautiful and most interesting of the last year.
The following book from your publishing house has been nominated:
TREPAT by Joan Fontcuberta
It has been chosen by
Timothy Prus, AMC and Xavier Barral and one of the best book of the year by Martin Parr, PhotoEye, BJP etc…

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