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STATEMENT  The mirrored self-images encompass my private fantasies.
They are my way of reacting on the imitated and fake media images, which
are constantly calling upon our imagination, without intending to be
taken too seriously. I try to deconstruct
this call’s effect with my reactions by switching the ’subject-object’
relationship, without being victimised by it. My self-images show I am
not a victim of an imposed sexually charged visual culture, instead I
give a self-aware answer, in which I try to show my feelings and/or
views on the unreal and fake imagery, which is forced upon us daily.
This series of photos emerged from a collection of daily uploads on
Facebook and my personal blog. In the digital public space, I try to
reinforce the exhibitionist nature by presenting them in the context of a
living room or a living room setting. In this context exhibitionism and
voyeurism come together. Using my own body as a sex object in
corresponding poses and an auto-erotic gaze I study voyeurism and

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