The Sound of Silence (Limited Edition 250 Copies + signed C print)


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Camille Brasselet is a young photographer from Normandy who has lived and worked in Lyon since 2016.
Her work revolves around the body and the character, combining pictural references and a kind of oddness at the same time.
The Sound of Silence gathers a portion of her photographic work of the past
few years. This is about a constant quest of the impact of the body in the envi- ronment. This is also about bits and pieces of different stories without beginning or end, just a feeling of suspended moments. This is the search of the photographic form reverberating a particular plenitude and a silent, strange smoothness.
The bodies’ stoicism lies in their disturbing strangeness. The transparency of their glances is just an expression a much important getaway and a mysterious impenetrability. Through an elusive picture, we are being showed a scene: the body, as an actor of this scene, settles in the picture. More than a simple protagonist, it tends to become this scene, to embody the photographic image by its presence.
This presence is first of all a material one, hence the importance of gesture, posture and the body’s
embedding into space.
The body is merely passing through the picture, which reminds us of a footprint. A silent footprint.


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