My Lagos (Limited Edition 600 copies, Signed+Original Nollywood poster jacket)


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Paris, Editions Bessard, 2016.

Volume 250 x 370 mm, reliure éditeur recouverte d’une affiche de cinéma pliée, l’ensemble sous jaquette rhodoïd imprimée, 68 p.

Edition originale tirée à 600 exemplaires numérotés.

Texte et 63 photographies en couleurs de Robin Hammond. La jaquette est une affiche pliée d’un film Nollywood.

Exemplaire enveloppée sous papier cristal.

Please note that all books are covered with different Nolywood Poster by the artist, making each book unique
The dust jacket is a fold Nolywood poster from the movies cinema, fold by hand one by one

Lagos defies Western ideas of urban order. However, what looks like anarchic activity is actually governed by a set of informal yet ironclad rules. To a new comer to the city, these rules are an absolute mystery but in the shouting, and blaring of horns, and the pushing and shoving of crowds, everyone has a place to go and a way to get there.

Robin Hammond’s ‘My Lagos’ introduces us to the color, energy and chaos of Africa’s largest city. Full bleed color photographs take us on a journey through bustling Lagos streets and into the homes of the rich, poor, and rising middle class. ‘My Lagos’ opens our eyes to an Africa rarely seen in western media.

Placed over and between these views of Lagos is a series of large format Polaroid portraits accompanied by quotes from the sitters themselves. A businessman, an actor, a fisherman, a pastor, a prostitute speak of their hopes and dreams in this city of strivers.

An original Nollywood film poster wraps this beautifully designed book delivering an authentic piece of the city to the audience.

‘My Lagos’ has been described as intense and bold. Much like the city itself.

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