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Victor Enrich – New Artwork: “Artgrater”

It’s a personal critique about how money (large sums of it, in fact) has completely destroyed art, forcing many artists of today to work on “what sells” instead of on their own true experiments.
The piece showcases a Guggenheim Museum being literally grated down by an invisible hand on top of the Leadenhall tower, commonly known as the “Cheesegrater”.
The Leadenhall tower, located at the very center of one of the most important financial neighborhoods worldwide, the city of London, impersonates here the “power of money” while the poor Guggenheim acts as “creativity”.
In order to focus on the grating action, I have made a short animation. (submitted in gif format and inserted in the body of this message right below)
The animation ends with a very easy to solve hieroglyph: “Revo Si Tra”, which is apparently being said by the one doing the actual grating while is laughing at us.

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