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The best photo books from last year by Joan Brink “My Lagos” by Robin Hammond. I really enjoy Edition Bessard´s publications…

I really enjoy Edition Bessard´s publications. And I miss the small series with a print, among them there is a kind of preview of Robin Hammonds book My Lagos.

Commuters on their way to work, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 21 May 2014. With an estimated 21 million inhabitants, Lagos is Africa’s biggest city in the continents most populous nation, Nigeria. And its population is increasing faster than almost any other in the world. It also boasts the biggest economy of any city on the continent, if it was a country, its economy would be ranked the 5th biggest in Africa – ahead of Kenya.
Lagos is home to the richest people in the richest country in sub-Saharan Africa (with a GDP of over 500 billion dollars), but the riches have hardly trickled down, it is also one of the most unequal cities in the world (ranked in the top three most unequal for income earned). The huge numbers of poor eking out a living here have reportedly made this the 4th worst place to live in the world. But Lagos is seeing a rapidly rising middle class and this city of enormous contrasts is fast becoming internationally known as Africa’s hub of creativity, fashion and business. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos
Beautifully design, just look at the cover with it´s original Nollywood film poster wrap and all the these amazing shots, vibrant colors. Robin Hammond introduces us to the color, energy and chaos of Africa’s largest city. My Lagos’ opens our eyes to an Africa rarely seen in western media. Placed over and between these views of Lagos is a series of large format Polaroid portraits accompanied by quotes from the sitters themselves. It´s a personal exploration of a vibrant city, and as they say a city of opportunities. The gaps between rich and poor is very clear. But people love their Lagos.

about the Joan Blog: This blog is about things I own, or rather things that I have at home that might be interesting. I work as a copywriter but pictures occupy a large part of my life. As photography hanging on the walls, at museums and galleries and in my ever-growing collection of photography books. And all the pictures I take myself. It´s pictures that I intend to show here, too. Den här bloggen handlar om allt jag äger, eller rättare sagt sådant som jag har hemma som kan vara intressant, på något sätt eller högst personligt. Jag är förvisso copywriter men bilder upptar en stor del av mitt liv. I form av fotografi som hänger på väggarna, som man kan se på museer och gallerier och som finns i min ständigt växande samling av fotoböcker. Och dem jag tar själv. De bilderna tänker jag visa här också. Jag äger ju bilderna. Däremot finns inte motiven kvar i verkligheten.

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