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Stop destroying gorilla habitat for palm oil!

Wilmar, a multinational palm oil giant, is destroying protected forests in Nigeria for its plantations. Satellite images show that the corporation is clear-cutting swathes of land that include parts of Cross River National Park and Ekinta River Forest Reserve.

The forests of Cross River State in Nigeria are home to the Cross River gorilla – the most critically endangered primate in Africa. Less than 300 of the gorillas remain and further loss of habitat could lead to their extinction.

As many as 20,000 people are also being impacted by Wilmar’s expansion in Nigeria. The corporation is “bulldozing away people’s lives,” says environmental activist Godwin Ojo. The villagers were previously able to live sustainably off of their land, but many are now impoverished.

Unilever – the manufacturer behind brands such as Dove, Becel, Flora and Hellmann’s – is a major Wilmar customer. We therefore consider both corporations to be responsible for rainforest destruction, land grabs and human-rights violations.

Tell Wilmar to stop its clear-cutting immediately and call on Unilever to stop buying palm oil from Wilmar.


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