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Semper Augustus by Mary Hamill with an introduction of Martin Parr, limited edition of 250 copies, include a c print signed by the artist…

Semper Augustus sits within a greater ongoing body of work entitled ‘Short Stories For My Adolescent Self’.
This work aims to question the nature of desire by exploring notions of attraction and repulsion, beauty and ugliness and the fragility of life through an investigation of the fluidity of our being and the material that we are made up of.
The pictures themselves attempt to investigate conventional ways of seeing and knowing. Through abstraction, these images strive to challenge understandings that have been taken for granted, or that seem to be common sense.
Such displacement in turn serves to communicate a tension that moves from the personal to the universal.
The body of work is comprised of thirteen images – one for each menstrual cycle in a calendar year. This number also references the superstition and stigmatisation that has been attached to women’s bodies throughout history.
On a personal level the work documents my own personal struggle to come to terms with my existence as both a women and a sexual being.

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