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Romania: stop the assault on Europe’s last pristine wilderness Dear friends of the rainforests, Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are home to some of Europe’s last primeval forests. Bears, wolves and lynx – animals that have long since disappeared elsewhere – still roam free there. But their days are numbered unless we act – an entrenched timber mafia is clear-cutting entire mountainsides. Holzindustrie Schweighofer, an Austrian corporation whose products include wood fuel pellets for heating systems, is a key actor in the destruction of Romania’s forests. According to Alexander von Bismarck of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), the company “deliberately and consciously” buys – and indeed, pays bonuses for – illegally harvested timber. Tell the Romania’s Ministry for Environment, Waters and Forests to curb Schweighofer’s expansion plans and put an end to the illegal timber trade. TAKE ACTION >>

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