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My talk in Kassel PhotoBook …

My talk in Kassel PhotoBook Festival. Photo taken by Kay Schirmer. The
beginning of my speech: Esthete and pioneer, Éditions Bessard scans the
world of photography (of images) through various prisms: novelty and
originality, passion and excellence. This means being always open to the
world, and always intellectually curious…We live in a world of utter
communication, in an ultra-conncected society. We need to remain
receptive and observe in order to develop new ideas… and most
of all, never lose sight of our role, which is to synthesize the flow
of informations from multiple sources, whether they are technological,
cultural, opinionative or others…
Reconsidering the form of the
book and claiming a know-how in bookmaking, Éditions Bessard explores
innumerable aspects of creativity, through design, art, typography,
binding… harmoniously and with extravagance, inspiration and passion

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