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Kristin Trüb: “Letzte Generation Ost” an article by Alison Stieven-Taylor : An Australian in Paris for Paris Photo November 17, 2015 – France , written by Alison Stieven-Taylor

Kristin Trüb

Letzte Generation Ost

This book is unique in many aspects. Its subject matter deals with the impact of the former GDR and its collapse, on the last generation of GDR citizens. Photo-artist Kristin Trüb, who is of this generation says she and her peers “were born in the final years of the former GDR. Their families corresponded to the propagandized principles, they received socialist education in their early years, and lived in the typical tower blocks in Hagenow. Naturally, since the collapse of the former GDR, much has changed. This project is an approach to illustrate how that last generation experienced the collapse of the GDR, what they noticed consciously and how they look back on this time now”.

Kristin conducted interviews with nine of her peers, took their portraits and other photographs to illustrate and convey the impression of the memories and experiences of the last generation of the former GDR. These interviews and images appear in the book along with maps and dossiers on each person. It’s beautifully printed and packaged in a box in line with the tone of the publisher, Éditions Bessard that is known for its unique approach to book design. It’s quickly become one of my favourite books.

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