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Kassel #Photobook Award 2017 – One of your books has been nominated, #EditBeijing by the #SouthAfrican #photographer #GuyTillim It has been chosen by Anatole Desachy design by the Dutch Artistic director #SybrenKuiper aka #SYB, published by Editions Bessard, viele danke #DieterNeubert #EditionsBessard #photography #Art #ArtistEdition #ArtOfPerfection #collector #collectors #photographer #photographie #contemporaryart #signedCPrint #LimitedEdition of 500 copies #Design

– How long did you work in Beijing for the residency ? was it your 1st residency ?

I was in Beijing for two weeks in May/June last year. Dieter Neubert was hosting the 2016 edition of the Kassel Fotobook Festival in Beijing, and together with Pierre Bessard, they decided to commission a book to be shot prior to the festival, have the designer Syb Kuiper there, and present a dummy of the book at the festival. Edit Beijing is the result. It was my first residency. Initially, at least when I arrived in Beijing, I had misunderstood Pierre and thought the project was a sort of guerilla publishing exercise in which a book was to be shot, laid out and printed in two weeks, and I was somewhat skeptical that this great feat could be achieved with any coherence. Fortunately, as I said, the idea was to only to shoot and present the initial edit and and design. Syb made a presentation and I answered some questions at a session of the festival.

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