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Interview by Anatole Desachy EDIT BEIJING by Guy Tillim design Sybren Kuiper Invitation to join the Kassel Photobook Award 2017

– In your series « joburg – points of view » or « second nature – Sao Paulo », you are not in front of the people, or rarely. Is it a new way of photographing for you ? Are you now a street photographer ?

I have been working in African cities for some time now and, as you noted, the pictures up to this point have rarely been made in front of people. They have been more ‘cityscapes’ than street photographs. I wanted to go closer. I learned something valuable while making those ‘cityscapes’. The more visible you are to people in the streets, the more invisible, in a certain sense, you become. So standing in plain sight with my tripod-mounted camera, I became instantly seen, assimilated, and ultimately, overlooked, which as you know, is often a desirable state of being for a street photographer.

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