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Han Lei, BeSpoke Collection N°2, Limited to 250 copies with a signed and numbered c-print by the artist, 160mm X 240mm, hard cover,cloth binding and more…

For the past two years, Han Lei has been experimenting with grating plates to create three-dimensional images; a process the artist finds as intriguing as traditional media such as silver gelatin prints. His enthusiasm for this particular material and his investigation into it diversifies the artist’s understanding of “moving images”, giving birth to more creative possibilities.

Through a variety of imagery of various genres from vernacular images to photographic objects to landscapes to portraiture, Han Lei’s lenticular photographs enable the viewer to observe what the artist calls “transient instants”, static moments that might vanish are otherwise extended, given motion and dynamism. The artist presents the time lapse of those “transient instants”, showing how after appearing for a brief second they would be disappearing into a new silhouette or swallowed by immense shadows or colors.



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