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For his first participation at Paris Photo Editions Bessard shared exceptional moments with his collectors, artists and professionals. Meetings, exchanges, dialogues, debates / questions around the Photographic book, signature of books and … Champagne! Éditions Bessard thanks Florence Bourgeois and Christoph Wiesner, Director and Artistic Director of Paris Photo and all its artists from around the world to support the artistic innovation of Editions, from Bill Henson of Australia, to Liu Bolin of China, as well as Claudia Jaguaribe from Brazil and Pepe López from Venezuela! With the creation of its solid and unique network, Éditions Bessard was able to create a new form of distribution: a direct link with its collectors. It marks its identity and difference by creating a strong and committed community of art book enthusiasts across five continents. This international movement enabled Editions Bessard to increase the number of books and printed copies, while remaining its own worldwide distributor. Thanks to this strategy of innovation and dissemination, each book is a success, today a published book is sold out quickly within 1 day to 6 months. None Unsold, None sent back!No disillusionment, as furthermore in a nice collector’s books classic distribution circuit 30% end in the bin if not more … big thanks to Andrea Botto Stefano Luigi Anna Ehrenstein Liu Bolin Kristin Trub Uwe Bedenbecker Thibault Brunet Delphine Bedel Giacomo Brunelli Hester L Scheurwater Hester Lisa Scheurwater Raphael gely Anatole desachy Philippe Herbet Joan Fontcuberta Guy Tillim Víctor E. Tarrés Eric Rondepierre Wang Qingsong – 王庆松 Xiao Zhang Luo Yang Renée jacobs Lucie Beudet

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