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Cholitas by Delphine Blast, BeSpoke collection, few copies available, limited edition of 250 copies with a signed c print #HappyPublisher #ArtOfPerfection Editions Bessard #EditionsBessard #Photographie

Portrait d’une cholita posant dans un studio à La Paz, Bolivie, mars 2016. Longtemps discriminées, les cholitas, femmes traditionnelles Aymara en Bolivie, font aujourd’hui leur grand retour en politique, à la télévision, et même dans le domaine de la mode. Jusqu’alors impensable, leur présence est désormais revendiquée. Elles font désormais partie intégrante de l’identité nationale bolivienne. Elles symbolisent la dignité retrouvée des populations indiennes.
Portrait extrait d’une série photographique de 35 images visant à renouveler le regard porté sur la féminité bolivienne. Portrait of a Cholita, in a studio in La Paz, Bolivia, March 2016. Discriminated against for a long time, they are now very much a driving force in Bolivia. In scenes that were unimaginable 10 or 20 years ago, nowadays they have real clout in the economic, political, and even fashion worlds. The cholitas have managed to find their place in modern society without denying their collective past. They are an expression of the dignity of Indian populations.
This photographic series aims to renew insight into Bolivian womanhood. It also carries with it new identity affirmations and reflects the social changes on the march in the country.
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