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Censured by the Chinese goverment How it goes/Comment ça marche la censure en Chine, explication du retard:

After having received and having approved Proofs of the Chinese artist 223 this summer 2015, I received email of the Chinese printer saying to me that the book was censured: see the message below from the printer:

Dear Pierre " I understand, as you know, in China the printing is very strict 
which controlled by the government. The nude and pornographic image can 
not printed in China.
I explained to the government this is an art book, but it relates to the pornographic content. "

AND NOW since this “tragedy” event all my Publish Agreement  has were changed, on all my contracts/publish agreement I have a new paragraph about the censure:  According to Chinese government regulations, prior to printing we are required to submit materials containing sensitive content for approval to export. Sensitive content includes: politics, maps, nationalism, religion, and overtly sexual images. Please notify us if your publication includes sensitive content so that we may apply for approval early to avoid delays. We reserves the right to decline any orders which include sensitive content as mentioned above. Thank you for understanding.

Voilà pourquoi j’ai pris du retard sur ce livre, nous l’imprimons en Italie, j’attends les nouveaux proofs de l’imprimeur pour lancer le OK to Print!

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