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ARLES Photo festival: We are very glad to announce you that the book sent by Philippe Herbet for the Photo-Text Award 2016 Les rencontres d’Arles 2016, has been shortlisted by the pre-selection committee. This committee, composed of Fannie Escoulen, Rémi Coignet and Markus Schaden, has selected 17 books for the Photo-Text Award among the 839 books sent.

As you know Éditions Bessard leave the medals to the soldiers and it is with a great surprise that we learned that under the initiative from the artist Philippe Herbet this “reward” and for your information:
The winner of the Photo-Text Award will be designated during the opening week of the festival by a jury composed of :
– Diane Dufour, director of Le Bal, Paris
– Felix Hoffmann, curator at the CO Berlin
– Marin Karmitz
– Val Williams, curator
– Vera Michalski Hoffmann, president of the publishing houses Photosynthèses and Delpire ;
– one representative of the FNAC
The announce of the winner will be done on Friday 8 July at the evening in the Ancient Theater in Arles.

The books will be exhibited during the opening week of the festival from July 4 to September 25 at the Grande Halle, parc des Ateliers. The access to this exhibition will be free.

If you wish, stickers mentioning “Shorlisted – Prix du Livre 2016” will be given during the opening week so you can stick them on the book cover. They will be available at the office of Les Rencontres d’Arles (34, rue du docteur Fanton) and also at Cosmos-Arles Books on the parc des Ateliers.

I really thank you in advance before communicating on the shortlist, as we would like to make the announcement on our website first.
It should be done on Tuesday 28 June.

We are staying at your disposal for any questions you might have.
Thank you very much for your participation.

Looking forward to meeting in Arles this summer.

Pierre Bessard

Les 17 livres retenus pour le prix Photo-Texte
The 17 shortlisted books for the Photo-Text Award
– Philippe HERBET, Les Filles De Tourgueniev, Editions Bessard (FR)
– Barbora BARONOVA & Dita PEPE, Intimita, wo-men (CZ) – Annette BEHRENS, (in matters of) Karl, Fw: Books (NL)
– Pauline BEUGNIES, Ammar ABO BAKR, Ahmed NAGY, Generation Tahrir, Le bec en l’air Editions (FR)
– André BRADLEY, Dark Archives, 1-41, ITI Press (US)
– Jean-Robert DANTOU & Françoise WEBER, The Walls Don’t Speak / Les murs ne parlent Pas,
Kehrer Verlag (DEU)
– Falma FSHAZI & Stefano GRAZIANI, How Things Meet, Falma Fshazi / Stefano Graziani /
51n4e, Art Paper Editions (BEL)
– Takashi HOMMA, Tove JANSSON, A Song For Windows, Libraryman (SW)
– Yoshi KAMETANI, Played, Editions Du Lic (NO)
– Jason LARKIN, Jack SHENKER, Platinum, Fourthwall Books (ZA)
– Piero MARTINELLO, Radicalia, Self published (IT)
– Mireille RIBIERE, Colin STANNARD, Bus Spotting + A Story, msdm Publications (UK)
– Stefan RUIZ & Benjamin SMITH, Mexican Crime Photographs : From The Archive Of Stefan Ruiz, GOST Books (UK)
– Michael SCHMELLING, My Blank Pages, The Ice Plant (US)
– Will STEACY, Deadline, b.frank books (SZ)
– Nina STRAND, Dr. Strand, Journal (SE)
– Mathias VELATI, Histoires du bout du monde en scrutant l’horizon, Musée De L’Elysée (SZ)

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