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All I Ever Wanted by by the Dutch professor and photographer Hester Scheurwater, a Limited Edition of 500, Signed Copy.

Loring Knoblauch about the book:

« While this photobook may be more sexually explicit than some readers will be comfortable with, it’s a natural extension of Kim Kardashian’s Selfish, but seen with the acerbic and questioning eye of an artist. She’s hyperbolized and hypercharged the kind of female objectification and fake identity we have become accustomed to seeing, and yet it somehow passes for almost normal; its satire is so convincing that it persuasively stands in for the real thing, and that dissonance is powerful. For those who have been waiting for a photographer to critically engage the wider phenomenon of the selfie,  Scheurwater’s bluntly audacious photobook is memorably biting. She’s given us the mannered freedom and sexiness we’re supposed to want (or want to be), incisively exposing the two poles of exhibitionism and voyeurism that now dominate the Facebook-age. »

From the review by Loring Knoblaub for Collector Daily

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