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After my Zine Collecton #12 at …

After my Zine Collecton #12 at 660$ on ABBOOKS now just discover on AMAZON This Face at 206$! Description : Xu Yong: ‘Portrait, photographs showing a female face, sometimes wearing make-up, sometimes not, at first glance they seem unrelated, but they are all of a young woman called Zi U, a chinese sex worker’ This Face, by Xu Yong (whose Xiaofangjia Hutong was included in Parr/Badger The Photobook: A History Volume 2) is a limited edition of 100 copies numbered and signed by the artist. A small booklet of 16 pages, notebook’s reproduction of Zi U, prostitute of luxury in Beijing, a flyer text (text by Xu Yong about his concept) is also laid-in.

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