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A bit cool ice in this hot summer! The book “White Blonde” has been published in Paris by Edition Pierre Bessard. Limited edition of 250 copies, with a 15×20 cm signed C-Print. Antarctica is a special place with particular stories and memories, the polar explorers called it “white blonde”. Through my series I aimed to convey a feeling of the hostile and unfamiliar environment of South Pole, creating images where the geographic reality give way to the space of dream. I froze the archival photos of Antarctic expeditions, as well as my own specially photographed for the project self-portraits, turning them into “icebergs”. I wanted to being a part of the landscape to express a sense of awareness of time, to show the fear of oblivion, termination of activity, entropy through a collision with a smooth, hard, cold ice surface. Using photographs, found pictures and collages I explore the themes of personal and collective history, imagination, memory, the built and natural environments. The character of my work makes me think of the nature of photography, which always fluctuates between materiality and visuality.

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