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我的摄影个展《Hidden Track》1/31-3/12在安特卫普STIEGLITZ 19画廊展出,1/31下午三点开幕,我会到,同名摄影集也由法国出版社Editions Bessard同时发布。(展览作品和摄影集作品不一样哒~)欢迎比利时及周边的喷油们来玩。

223 in Anvers this saturday morning! and tomorrow, This sunday 31, unique opportunity to meet 223, censored in Beijing, in Hong Kong, on FB, now this sunday 15.30 at stieglitz19 , klapdorp 2, in presence of the artist, Ill be here too with Dries Roelens (the galerist) in presence of the artist and Pierre Bessard, very limited number of books available at opening, unique chance to get a signed copy and see first big solo of 223

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