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关于上海拍摄的几点 A Few Points Regarding the Shanghai Shoot 发端:近三十年来,中国以至上海有很大的发展,应是五千年来的大变改。但不要因为走得太远,以致于忘了自己为什么出发。在大规模的城市改造中,消失了许多东西,以致于我们要问:我们从哪儿来?我们在做什么?我们将到哪儿去?于是我们需要用艺术的方式,来连接那些消失了的城市记忆。探讨文化断层那些有意义的浪花。 Beginnings: In the past thirty years, China, Shanghai in particular, has seen great development, one of the greatest shifts in thousands of years. But one must never forget why he set out in the first place, simply because he went too far. In this large scale urban reconstruction… #HappyPublisher #ArtOfPerfection

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