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PRIX DU LIVRE PHOTO-TEXTE Lauréat Titre : The Idiots Delight Photographies et textes : Duane Michals Editeur : Editions Bessard Graphisme : Sybren Kuyper

Le jury était composé de :
Pascal Beausse, Responsable de la collection photographie du Cnap (président du Jury)
Clara Bastid, Co-commissaire de l’exposition Jazz Power !
Ekow Eshun, Auteur et commissaire de l’exposition Africa State of Mind
Anne Lacoste, Directrice de l’Institut pour la Photographie de Lille
Vera Michalski, Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature
Jean-Marc Prévost, Directeur du Carré d’Art de Nîmes
Sophie Quéval, Chargée de programmation culturelle Fnac Sud-Est


48 shortlistés sur 636 ouvrages reçus

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“Fragments” by the Swedish photographer Mimi Svanberg, limited Edition 200 copies, L’Ateleir_Risographie N°6

“Fragments” is sort of debris from my life, mind and my dreams, moments floating around in a nonlogical way not bound to any place, space or time, every image is a little shard. It is a project about the absence of time, about being everywhere at the same time. It has dark undertones and a dreamy frequency. I think most of my images are fragments of my dreams and thoughts. It’s not about how things really happened, more the thought or feeling about it.
I like the idea that instead of forcing my images into a place or a clear narrative, the non-cohesiveness becomes the common denominator. Just as in our dreamworlds things happens in an order that we have no control over and there are no limits or directions.

l’Atelier RisoGraphique n°6 : Soft-Binding – 210 x 297 mm – 36 pages
Limited Edition of 200 copies
Book Designer : Thibault Geffroy
Language : English