My Feminine Love (5 copies signed-writing hand-painting)


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The concept that I am facing is my femininity
that was thrown into a corner and as you are
looking at it, you see the ascension that my
most irritable flirtation with my body is formed
in my mind every moment you move away from me
and return me, I am thrown into another world
where the judgments will not be stamped on my
soft and delicate skin because I am freed from
my body, every moment I create a new dimension
of what was determined for me and we are free to
have concepts Fresh from what is gained from our
experiences and the concept of femininity and
love is a word that brings to me the lust of my
thirty-three years of experience.
The woman’s body has become an external and real
issue regardless of the nature of society and
culture, religion, and the system that
determines how a person functions in society and
in his surroundings.
Everything that exists in the environment and in nature is characterized by a natural and potential cycle, and its essence is what shows its existence.
This project is a part of my dimension that is visible and hidden inside my every movement, although it may be provocative in the eyes of some, it is an obvious mental act that what it is the body and the body is skinned by what happened to it.
If you don’t see the suffering on it, you will
surely realize from his laughter how sensual it

is, wrapped in a white sheet, neck stretched
back and waist whose arch is visible, as if he
has been released from a long hug.
Although the eyes are laughing and the lights
are a reflection from inside him to the outside.
What makes me excited is to pass the moments
that make me stay, to fall in love with
tomorrow, with the trees that belong to me, with
the sufferings that happened to me, and with the
decisions made in advance, forced to leave and
And you look at the twists and turns that made me who I am and the shine that is right behind my vertebrae and I am all that I am and am not that you see in front of you.
When I was kid, everything was full of love and
enjoyment and the world was full of flowers,
trees, and happiness.
This is not wrong but my feeling is not the same
feeling as the child I growing now, for many
years I tried looking for magical love and
inspiration and I fell in love many times, I
A lot of people from each gender asked me about
relationships and enjoying ourselves together
but this is extraordinary for me to have sex and
enjoy with someone without real enjoyment, I’m
not comfortable with them, and I’m not exactly
as privileged as I am.

I don’t want to be an ordinary person having
ordinary love and relationships.
I mean a lot of people can’t give it to you, I want to be free and create my dreamy world by myself, when I had my bachelor’s, I read a lot of books about philosophy and I wrote a thesis about existentialism philosophy and was interesting for me how another people think about love and we have a lot of meaning of just a few words and how much important being free as a human being in this world.
So, you can see love for me was like this and maybe so simple but the way is hard to keep that and people can’t understand why love is more important for me than sex, because I think I can enjoy bodies form, when you are happy and when you are in front of your lover or beloved you couldn’t think about the gender.
I think all people have femininity and elegance
inside their bodies, and nobody knows who you
are without showing them.
Love is not about gender or having sex, I mean
when you are free of anything and any world time
of real life you try to make a dream of your own
world, and love comes up of anything every
single time.


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