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Dust & Scratches / Youval Hai

“Dust & scratches”, the name of the book by Youval Hai, refers to a filter in Photoshop used to smooth out the dust and scratches that exist in the scanned negative. The filter reflects itself as a sweet and sour joke in Youval’s subject matters.

The book consists of photographs taken in the last ten years using various formats of analog cameras.

Youval documents his life intensively. Observations of daily life with his wife and children, meetings with friends and family, intimate moments as well as photographs taken while wandering that express his fascination in the little details in his surroundings.

All these fragment that make up the mundane are now brought together in this book, compelling the reader to wander between the inside and out and into various layers of life. Large and small moments caught inside the infinite sequence of life, a continuous zoom in and out, in which the small is magnified, allowing an epic glimpse of the moment that passed, and the large is diminished and swallowed into the vortex of time.

The intimate experience created though the form of a book, brings out a personal, poetic, comic and tragic point of view, alongside aesthetic and philosophical questions about photography, architecture and culture.

“Youval HAI : Dust & Scratches
Book : Hard-Binding – – pages
Limited Edition of 500 copies
Book Designer : Thibault Geffroy
Country : Israel
Language : English
Editions Bessard – 2021
ISBN : 979-10-91406-95-6”


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