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Chattanooga, The Green Factory

Pierre Bessard

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Chattanooga, The Green Factory I vaguely remember the landscapes of Cormac McCarthy’s first novels. The sultry atmosphere found in Tennessee Williams’ plays set in the region. But when I arrived in Chattanooga,
I discovered an altogether different setting. A life quite distinct from the one I had briefly glimpsed whilst covering stories for French newspapers in major U.S. cities, and very different from the romantic stereotypes, full of clichés, perceived from the other side of the Atlantic.
I arrived with a multitude of artistic projects in my head, but, after spending a few days there, I decided to keep my influence on the images to a minimum, to try and convey, as faithfully as possible, the true lives and aspirations of this America. The idea of having an original layout, suggesting a direct entrance into the stories, imposed itself early on, along with the idea of using vivid colors. This contrasted radically with my previous books on the world of work, which were
in black and white. It was essential that I convey the warmth and generosity of these encounters.
I was very touched by the way the staff and executives at Alstom greeted me and kindly helped
me with my project. They were more than happy to invite some French guy with a dubious grasp of English into their homes. They let me into their world and sometimes even agreed to tell me about their idea of happiness. We didn’t talk about expensive cars, trips to exotic destinations or the stock market index, but simply about basic values. As, I hope, these images suggest, they cherish their work, Sundays with the family, and the health and happiness of their children.
Welcome to their place.

Pierre Bessard

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