Pierre Bessard member of the SI Fest award jury in Italy

SI Fest/Portfolio 13 Award (you will be judge of this one)

The best portfolio:

– will be exhibited at SI Fest 2014;

– will access the Portfolio Italia 2013 Selection for the award to the value of 1.500 € and two awards to the value of 500 € (regulation on www.fiaf-net.it).  All the works selected during the ten Exhibitions will be displayed at the Centro Italiano della Fotografia e d?autore (Italian Centre for Photography and Authors) in Bibbiena and published in “Riflessioni” magazine. In addition, the first ten winners will also be published in “Fotoit” magazine. The portfolio of the winning author “Portfolio Italia” (edition 2013) will be visible in all the Exhibitions adhering to the edition 2014 of the Circuit.

Open your books”/ HF Distribution Award (you will be judge of this one)

The selected autoproduced book will be awarded with a token to the value of 500 € for buying photographic books to one’s choice among the ones distributed by HF Distribution.

LABO’ AWARD – II edition

Spazio Labo’ | Centro di Fotografia (Centre of Photography) has always been interested in the growth of young photographers. For the 22nd edition of SI Fest, it promotes the second edition of the Labo’ Award, which is designed to encourage the education and training of a photographer to be selected at the readings of the portfolios during the weekend launching the festival in Savignano. Roberto Alfano and Laura de Marco, the two founders and managers of Spazio Labò’, will be conducting the readings.

In detail, the Award will ensure the winner his/her free participation in one of the workshops Spazio labò’ organises at its seat in the season of 2013/14. The workshop will be chosen among those programmed according to the needs and skills of the winner.

How to participate

Those aspiring to the Labo’ Award must participate in the readings of the portfolios conducted by Roberto Alfano and Laura De Marco during the weekend launching SI Fest 2013. The award winner will be selected after all the portfolios are read by the two founders of Spazio Labo’(whose decision will be based on what they have read.).

Who are we

Spazio Labo’ is the only centre of photography in Bologna to be found in the city centre. The Centre was founded in 2010 as a non-profit cultural association. It is dedicated to the spread of the rich and multifaceted culture of photography. The Centre includes:

– a gallery dedicated to contemporary photography by both emerging and world-renowned artists;

– a school of photography offering a wide range of teachings on a monthly basis and a one-year, single and complete study course to get started with this profession;

– a specialised bookstore which is open daily;

– a place for events like book presentations, meetings with the authors, seminars, lectures, debates and shows.

It is indeed a source of creation, an independent association open to photography in all its forms and facets, a place where professionals and amateurs of all nationalities can meet and exchange ideas.

The Centre and its founders collaborate with several national institutions, with various international festivals and with accomplished professionals in this field.

Since 2010, Spazio Labo’ has institutionalised a strong bond with the city of New York and has launched an educational programme in this city whose title is “Photography Workshop in New York”, which got to its third edition in 2012. This project consists of intensive weekly workshops held by international high-ranking professional photographers addressing young photographers.

Spazio Labo’ was thought and created, and is managed, by Laura De Marco and Roberto Alfano.

Spazio Labo’ | Centro di fotografia

43/2c-d, Via Frassinago

40123 Bologna



+39 339 4534132 /+39 328 3383634

MiCamera Award

The author of the selected portfolio will have the chance to attend the workshop “Una fotografia fra sentimento e ragione”  with Pino Musi (4-5-6 October 2013) organized by MiCamera (Milan)




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