Eylül Aslan

Eylül Aslan is hard to pin down, and rightfully so. Her photographs seem to flirt with the absurd, pushing and breaking the formal rules of composition, and yet her images are technically exquisite, capturing warm light and savorous color centric to all of her work. While other artists like Guy Bourdin and even Maurizio Cattelan may come to mind, Aslan’s work without a doubt exudes a confidence of freshness with a keen perspective that is uniquely her own.

The Berlin-based young Turkish photographer joined Flickr in 2008, which immediately garnered her a great deal of attention. Her candy colored portfolio seems to explore the complexities of the body, femininity, and identity, all with a nostalgic, almost child-like frankness. Aslan’s latest body of work, “Puella Aeterna,” playfully examines female physicality with the juxtaposition of elements like glitter, candy, confetti, and glass.

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